Ana Kapidžić, PhD



tel: + (381 11) 3408 554; e-mail:

Personal informations
Date of birth: 01.12.1971.

Education/Professional training
– 2015, Ph. D. degree in Physics, Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade, Serbia
– 2006, Magister degree in Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
– 2001, B. Sc. degree in Applied Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Research interest
Intermetallics, semiconductors, magnetic and ceramic nanocomposites, hydrogen economy, first principle calculations, hyperfine interactions. Nonlinear modeling in medicine.

Aditional informations
Foreign languages: russian, english

Selected publications
1. R. Sewak, C.C. Dey, S.K. Dey, J. Belošević-Čavor, A. Kapidžić, Local structure study of Hf dopants in Zr2Pd and ZrPd2 intermetallics, Intermetallics (2019), vol. 107, pp. 93-102;
2. M. Karanac, M. Đolić, Z. Veličković, A. Kapidžić, V. Ivanovski, M. Mitrić, A. Marinković, Efficient multistep arsenate removal onto magnetite modified fly ash, Journal of Environmental Managment (2018), vol.224, pp.263-276
3. Ј.D. Rušmirović, N. Obradović, J. Perendija, A. Umićević, A. Kapidžić, B. Vlahović, V. Pavlović, A.D. Marinković, V.B. Pavlović, Controlable synthesis of Fe3O4-wollastonite adsorbens for efficient heavy metal ions/oxyanions removal, Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2019), vol. 26, pp. 12379-12398
4. A. Kapidžić, M.M. Platiša, T. Bojić, A. Kalauzi, Nonlinear properties of cardiac rhythm and respiratory signal under paced breathing in young and middle-aged healthy subjects, Medical Engineering & Physics,(2014), vol. 36, pp. 1577-1584
5. A. Kapidžić, M.M. Platiša, T. Bojić, A. Kalauzi, RR interval-respiratory signal waveform modeling in human slow paced and spontaneous breathing, Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology (2014), vol. 203, pp.51-59
6. A. Kapidžić, D.M. Petrović, S.R. Lukić, M.D. Dramićanin, Experimental photoacoustic signal generation in metals, Journal of Optoelectronic and Advanced Materials (2007), vol.9, 9, pp.2691-2695
7. V. Spasojević, M. Dramićanin, V. Jokanović, Ž. Andrić, V. Kusigjerski, M. Mitrić, M. Tadić, A. Kapidžić, Magnetic properties of nanostructured SiO2: Eu 3+ powders, Journal of Serbian Chemical Society (2006), vol.71, 4, pp.413-420