Ana Umićević, PhD


tel: + (381 11) 3408 549; e-mail:

Personal informations
Date of birth: 03.09.1970.

Education/Professional training
– PhD; (2009) Condensed matter physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade (SRB)
– Magister; (2008) Condensed matter physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade (SRB)
– Diploma; (2004) Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade (SRB)
– French-German summer school: ”Physics with Ions: from Analysis to Nanotechnology”, 19-26 September 2005, Le Sénéquet, Blainville sur Mer, Manche, Normandie, France
– European School on Magnetism: “New magnetic materials and their functions”, 9-18 September 2007, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Research interest
Applications of Time-Differential Perturbed Angular Correlation method to hyperfine interactions of Hf-intermetallics and Hf-impurities in metals. Investigations of local environments around refractory elements in Ni and Ni3Al using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy. For experimentaly researched materials, ab-initio calculations of electronic structure emplyoing full potential linearized augmented plane waves method (code WIEN).

Aditional informations
Foreign languages: english (advanced), german, slovenian, italian (basic)

Selected publications
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